Air transport

Air transport


Air transportation is mainly used for delivery of valuable, urgent or perishable goods. Air transportation is especially useful when delivery of goods by other type of transport is impossible. This may be due to the geographical location of cargo destination, where transportation by air is the only way of delivery. Advantages of air transportation:

  • the highest speed of delivery;
  • high reliability;
  • cargo delivery to regions difficult of access;
  • possibility to deliver cargo virtually regardless of the distance;
  • high guarantee of cargo safety;
  • shortest transportation routes.

Air transportation is a complex service including processes such as:

  • acceptance of cargo;
  • cargo delivery to the airport;
  • clearance for air transportation;
  • air transportation;
  • acceptance of cargo at the destination airport;
  • cargo delivery from the airport to customer’s warehouse;
  • other service components.

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