Submittal documents

Submittal documents

During customs clearance of cargos, participants of foreign economic activities often face the necessity certify goods or obtain other permits for import of goods. In an effort to minimize customer’s time costs for preparation of customs clearance documents and maximally speed up this process, we are ready to assist in obtaining licenses, certificates of conformity and other permits necessary for customs clearance of customer’s goods. We will be happy to advise you on necessity of permits for your cargo. . List of documents necessary for import of goods:

  • Certificate of state registration;
  • Certificates of conformity;
  • Declarations of conformity;
  • Fire-safety certificates;
  • Conclusions of the regional toxic and hygienic information centre Toksi for dangerous cargos;
  • Phytosanitary certificates;
  • Veterinary certificates;
  • Preliminary classification decisions;
  • Expert opinions of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

Our long experience of working with St. Petersburg and Moscow leading certification centres allows us to solve all matters in certification of goods and cargos quickly and professionally.

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